Our 2018 Executive Board Elections will be held this Tuesday, December 5th at 7:30pm in JC Room 239A. Below you can find the written statements and campaign activity metrics for every declared candidate.

Please read our Constitution for details on responsibilities for each position.


Kara Kline

Hey team – my name is Kara and I’m a Junior Government & International Politics major from Charlottesville, VA. I’m so proud to have served as your President for the last month and I’m excited to announce my candidacy to continue in this position.

After serving as the Tom Perriello Caucus Chair with the organization this spring and working as a Fellow on Tom’s campaign over the summer, I knew I needed to do more. This fall, I worked as a Fellow with NextGen doing voter registration and GOTV activities on-campus as well as working as an intern with our Congressman, Gerry Connolly’s, office on Capitol Hill. I’m committed to growing our organization, increasing Democratic turnout at University precinct, and connecting us with issue-based advocacy work to represent the interests of our organization.

As President, I will hold weekly office hours to ensure an open and transparent organization. Additionally, I will work to make sure that the interests of every single member, not just the Executive Board, is being accounted for in the work we do.

Finally, I will work to make sure that our organization is in a fiscally sound position where we can utilize our money to build the organization and keep GMU blue. I’m excited to work with each of you over the next year to re-elect Gerry Connolly and Tim Kaine on November 7th. I humbly ask for your support on Tuesday, and I’m excited to keep working with all of you to #KeepGMUBlue!

Volunteer Activity for 2017

# of Shifts: Spring- 31 Fall- 51 Total- 82

# of Hours: Spring- 158 Fall- 143 Total- 301

# of Voter Contacts: Spring- 3131 Fall- 809 Total- 3940

Vice President

Alec Scicchitano

Hi everyone, I’m Alec Scicchitano and I’m running for Vice President of GMU Democrats. I currently serve as the Director of Strategic Communications for a congressional campaign in the 10th district and was previously a Campaign Finance Fellow on Kathy Tran’s successful House of Delegates campaign. I’ve had the pleasure of working with the GMU Democrats through the 2017 season, and I am so proud of what we’ve accomplished together. We contacted over 55,000 voters this semester and became the most active College Democrats chapter in the country.

Moving forward, it’s time to use our dedication and prominence to support Democrats everywhere. If I am elected to this position, I’ll make sure we continue to partner with outside groups to help us organize and win in Virginia. I’ll also work to help other Democratic groups grow, from local high schools looking for direction to college groups. I will expand our network by reaching out to other clubs on campus, from cultural organizations that celebrate diversity to advocacy-focused clubs that bring new issues into our discussion. And last but certainly not least, it’s high time we support our members the way you all have been supporting us. I want to expand upon and better maintain a list of internships and other opportunities for members on our website. We should be making it easier for our amazing members to succeed in their careers by giving them the tools they need to thrive.

Thank you for being the heart and soul of this organization. Together, we’ll continue the fight to keep Virginia and GMU blue. I’d be honored to earn your vote this Tuesday.

Volunteer Activity for 2017

# of Shifts: Spring- N/A Fall- 46 Total-46

# of Hours: Spring- N/A Fall-115 Total-115

# of Voter Contacts: Spring- N/A Fall- 2916 Total- 2916

Camden Layton

As an intern this past semester, I spent well over 100 hours working to elect our Democratic candidates to office. However, a good portion of my time was not put directly towards campaign activities, but towards more unattractive work that is crucial to ensuring a high-functioning organization. I believe that this experience and the passion I have to better this organization makes me the best candidate to serve as your Vice President. Working with the previous President and VP, I received a glimpse of what is necessary to make our organization run effectively. Whether it was texting thousands of voters at University precinct or reorganizing spreadsheets, I have consistently worked to do as much as I physically can to elect every single Democrat. I aspire to make the Vice Presidency a larger role in the organization as opposed to just an assistant to the President. For instance, one of the jobs of Vice President is to organize with other groups on campus to create more events for our members and fellow students. One event in particular I wish to spearhead is a collaboration with the College Republicans every month or so to discuss current topics in the political realm. I feel that as politically minded students, we should work “across the aisle” and have real, meaningful conversations with people who disagree with us. On Tuesday, I humbly request your vote to become the next Vice President of the GMU Democrats so that I can both continue the work of our amazing previous VP, as well as expand the duties of this position.

Volunteer Activity for 2017

# of Shifts: Spring- N/A Fall- 64 Total- 64

# of Hours: Spring- N/A Fall-130 Total- 130

# of Voter Contacts: Spring- N/A Fall- 1266 Total- 1266

Political Director

Ashley Stewart

I would be best fit for the position of Political Director because I have a plethora of experience and ideas that will benefit the organization. During 2 years of my time in high school I was president of a volunteer organization where I focused on volunteer recruitment, I established a healthy environment which encouraged volunteer development and engagement. My political experience began when I was a Virginia Fellow intern and learned how to phonebank and canvass and eventually how to train my fellow interns to do the same. This experience was expanded when I became an intern with George Mason Democrats. This firsthand experience showed me how GMU Dems organizes campaign events, I was even able to organize a phonebank for Delegate Mike Mullin, who I campaigned for as a Virginia Fellow intern.

With my knowledge of the organization’s system I plan to achieve my goals as Political Director. I plan to focus on issue based work and stabilizing volunteer retention, I will do so by having a social activity once a month to increase a sense of community in the organization to enhance volunteer retention. I would start issue based phonebanks so we can still volunteer politically while the congressional campaigns are warming up. I would involve the organization in community protests which simultaneously serve as issue based work and group bonding.

It’s a passion of mine to build others potential and show them they can make a difference in their community through active engagement, I feel the position of Political Director could help me do that best, all I ask is you give me the chance to do so.

Volunteer Activity for 2017

# of Shifts: Spring- N/A Fall- 44 Total-44

# of Hours: Spring- N/A Fall-127 Total-127

# of Voter Contacts: Spring- N/A Fall- 2099 Total- 2099

Matthew Hayes

I should be Political Director because I am the most qualified for the job and have the vision to improve the effectiveness of the position and the organization.

To address my qualifications for this post; I was an organizing fellow with the Coordinated Democratic Campaign from 11 September 2017 through the election on 7 November 2017. During that time I recruited 42 volunteers. Since then I have lead the GMU Democrats efforts to elect Doug Jones to the United States Senate in Alabama.

My vision for the position includes organizing a GMU Democrats community service day as a way to allow the member of the organization to grow. I would push for running Mason Ads and placing flyers with information about our weekly meeting around the campus of GMU to recruit new members. I would institute a Pizza and Politics style event one month before every Virginia election to boost the number of volunteers the organization has to make a more significant final push in that election. I would push the entirety of the group to place a higher interest on canvassing instead of phone banking because canvassing has been shown to be a more efficient way to win elections. I would urge the GMU Democrats to Canvass for the Democratic nominee in the Maryland Gubernatorial election in addition to knocking doors in Virginia Elections. I would arrange spring canvasses to grow the local party and organize a GMU Democrats advocacy day. Finally, I would Institute weekly office hours.

Volunteer Activity for 2017

# of Shifts: Spring- N/A Fall- 71 Total-71

# of Hours: Spring- N/A Fall-228 Total- 228

# of Voter Contacts: Spring- N/A Fall- 6936 Total- 6936

Finance Director

Erica Harp

My commitment to and goals for the GMU Democrats make me the best qualified candidate for the position of Finance Director. As an intern this semester I was able to turn to our superb current executive board for guidance. Their strong leadership skills have influenced me and will be reflected in my work if I’m elected Finance Director.  By Election Day I was training new volunteers in phone banking and canvassing. I recognize the tremendous importance of such voter outreach efforts, and if elected Finance Director I will put the same amount of effort into ensuring that such volunteer activities are never hindered due to a lack of financial resources.

This semester I was able to see first-hand how important strong financial foundations are for the success of GMU Democrats. Thanks to the money raised from Pennies for Patriots in the Spring of 2017 we were able to get the vote out for many Democrats this fall. I look forward to helping continue this momentum while organizing Pennies for Patriots this spring and working with the other executive board members to create new fundraising plans to help fund our growing organization.

Of course my duties as a member of the executive board will not be limited to the Finance Director job description. I look forward to working with each and every member of the organization to ensure we continue to elect Democrats in Virginia while keeping the organization the close-knit and welcoming community it has always been.

Volunteer Activity for 2017

# of Shifts: Spring- N/A Fall- 52 Total- 52

# of Hours: Spring- N/A Fall- 110 Total- 110

# of Voter Contacts: Spring- N/A Fall- 2754 Total- 2754

Communications Director

Dana Nickel

My name is Dana Nickel, and I am running for Communications Director for the George Mason Democrats.  I am a freshman Communications major with a concentration in Journalism as well as a Government and International Politics major. I am currently an intern for the George Mason Democrats, and I am also a staff writer for the university newspaper, the IV Estate. In high school, I served on the yearbook staff as a photographer, editor, and digital page designer. I excel in writing and photography and plan to bring those strengths to the table as Communications Director.

I have worked very hard as an intern this past semester, and have truly been amazed with what the organization’s hard work has accomplished. I truly believe in the mission of this group and plan on continuing to serve. I have learned so much through the current Executive Board, and because of this, I believe I am ready to hold an office in our organization. As Communications Director, I plan to use my strengths to improve the image of the organization, and I cannot wait to serve my fellow Democrats.

Volunteer Activity for 2017

# of Shifts: Spring- N/A Fall- 49 Total- 49

# of Hours: Spring- N/A Fall- 105 Total- 105

# of Voter Contacts: Spring- N/A Fall- 1527 Total- 1527

Tanmay Gupta

Hi. My name is Tanmay Gupta, and I want to be the communications director to help inform the George Mason Democrats and the campus of upcoming events and positions on issues. My goal is to improve outreach for the club.  I will do this through the social media platforms available to me as well as other non-social media platforms such as the website. I would like to inform members and the public of meetings, issues important to the club, such as voter registration, education, and health care, and campaign events, which include phonebanks, canvassing, and other get out the vote events. I will try to achieve this by being active on social media on behalf of the club.  I will also utilize other communication forms, such as chalk on the sidewalk and the banners. I am a freshman and joined the organization in August. I volunteered for the Northam campaign in October and November. I am active on social media. I will keep up with the duties of the job. I want the job to serve the club and community.

Volunteer Activity for 2017

# of Shifts: Spring- N/A Fall- 6 Total- 6

# of Hours: Spring- N/A Fall- 13 Total- 13

# of Voter Contacts: Spring- N/A Fall- 462 Total- 462

Data Director

Sean Keckley

I am running for Data Director. I’m a government major and member of the debate team here at Mason. Over the past three months, I’ve also been heavily involved with the George Mason Democrats. As an intern with the organization, I put many hours into reaching out to voters to help Democrats get elected. I knocked doors, called, and texted people every week until election day. And now, I’d like to get even more involved in order to do as much as I can for Democrats. As your next Data Director, I’ll make sure that all necessary information is recorded and organized so we can run our organization as efficiently and effectively as possible. Our success as a student group translates into success for democratic candidates across the board. Therefore, it’s necessary that we make sure any information we need, such as voter registration or fundraising lists, is recorded and organized so all of our effort can be put into getting Democrats elected. With my organizational skills and familiarity with working with data and spreadsheets, I know I can do so effectively. I humbly ask for your support for this integral position in our organization, I hope I can earn your support on Tuesday.

Volunteer Activity for 2017

# of Shifts: Spring- N/A Fall- 28 Total- 28

# of Hours: Spring- N/A Fall- 79 Total- 79

# of Voter Contacts: Spring- N/A Fall- 1403 Total- 1403

Theo Meale

Having been about to complete STAT 250, passionately participated in countless protests, worked on voter registration, spent a total of approximately twelve hours knocking doors and phone banking in Virginia, and having been a proud member of the resistance of George Mason Democrats, I proudly announce my candidacy for Data Director.

I have a two goals for our club. The first one is to register 20,000 blue voters in Virginia before our midterm election so we can re-elect Tim Kaine and flip Bob Goodlatte’s, Barbara Comstock’s, and Tom Garrett’s seats in 2018. The second is to increase our membership by encouraging rewarding members who recruit others to join our club. As large as the club is now, there are many, many like minded students on campus who share our values but don’t know of our existence or are timid about showing up. Rewarding members who recruit others, by announcing those who recruit the largest numbers of new members on the Facebook page as we do in other instances, for example, I believe would be useful for the club. But these two goals are minor compared to turning out voters and flip the House of Representatives in 2018 so that Trump is held accountable for his potentially treasonous actions and we don’t get disastrous health care and tax reform plans in 2019 and 2020 as we have in 2017. I will spend however many hours necessary to make this club larger, expand or voter registration, and flip the House of Representatives and yes, the Senate in 2018!

Volunteer Activity for 2017

# of Shifts: Spring- N/A Fall- 4 Total- 4

# of Hours: Spring- N/A Fall- 12 Total- 12

# of Voter Contacts: Spring- N/A Fall- 196 Total- 196