Executive Board

The Executive Board is elected by the membership of the George Mason Democrats. The terms for the current Executive Board began on Tuesday, December 5, 2017. The next full Executive Board election will be held on Tuesday, December 4, 2018.

President: Kara Kline (president@gmudems.com)

Kara is a senior Government & International Politics major from Charlottesville, VA. She got her start in Democratic politics working to elect Tom Perriello for Governor in the 2017 Virginia Gubernatorial Primary. She served as the Caucus Chair for Tom’s campaign with the George Mason Democrats in spring 2017, and went on to work as an Organizing Fellow for his campaign in her hometown of Fluvanna County, VA during the summer. Last fall, Kara worked as an intern on Capitol Hill in the office of Congressman Gerry Connolly (D VA-11). Additionally, she worked as a Deputy Campus Organizer at Mason with NextGen America, an environmental advocacy nonprofit, and continued working with NextGen as a fellow this past spring. Currently, Kara works as the campaign manager for Elizabeth Bennett-Parker for Alexandria City Council. Kara is thrilled to serve as President of the George Mason Democrats and is excited to work this year to #KeepGMUBlue on November 6th.

Please reach out to Kara if you are a campaign staffer, Democratic Party official, member of the press, or a member of any outside organizations seeking to be involved with the George Mason Democrats.


Vice President: Alec Scicchitano (vp@gmudems.com)

Alec is a sophomore Public Administration major with a Data Analysis minor from Fairfax, Virginia. He began volunteering for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign in 2016 and became a Campaign Finance Fellow on Kathy Tran’s House of Delegates campaign in early 2017. He is now the Field Director for Dump Comstock, a PAC in the tenth district. He was elected to serve as Vice President in December 2017. His favorite campaign moments are meeting Martin O’Malley and taking selfies with Ralph Northam on election night.

Please reach out to Alec if you are a leader of any GMU student organization seeking to collaborate with the George Mason Democrats.


Chief of Staff: Camden Layton (cos@gmudems.com)

Camden is a sophomore Public Administration major with a minor in Legal Studies from Corning, NY. Since joining the George Mason Democrats, Camden worked during the Fall 2017 semester as an intern and was appointed Chief of Staff for the upcoming election cycle. Currently, he is also interning on Capitol Hill. During his time so far with the George Mason Democrats, he has enjoyed working with the executive board and his favorite experience so far has been meeting Martin O’Malley and Tom Perriello!

Please reach out to Camden if you are seeking Executive Board or General Body Meeting minutes or to find dates/times/locations of upcoming events.


Political Director: Matthew Hayes (political@gmudems.com)

Matthew Hayes is a sophomore Government and International Politics Major from Lexington, Ky. His involvement in Democratic Politics began in earnest in 2017 when he worked as an Organizing Fellow for the Democratic Coordinated Campaign in Virginia. In addition to serving as Political Director for the George Mason Democrats, he currently serves as the Braddock District Democrats Treasurer.



Finance Director: Erica Harp (finance@gmudems.com)

Erica is a Global and Community Health major from Denville, NJ. She began her campaign work in the Fall of 2017 as an intern for the George Mason Democrats and loved helping to elect the statewide Democratic ticket and many amazing candidates into the House of Delegates. In addition to her role with the George Mason Democrats, Erica is a member of the healthcare policy group of the Roosevelt Institute @ Mason and Honors College Connects. 


 Communications Director: Ashley Stewart (press@gmudems.com)

Ashley is a sophomore Government and International Politics and Conflict Analysis and Resolution dual major from Yorktown, Virginia. She began her political involvement in the summer of 2017 when she served as an intern for the Democratic Coordinated Campaign in the Hampton Roads area. She was also an intern for the GMU Democrats during the fall 2017 semester and is a staff writer for Mason’s student-run newspaper, the IV Estate. Ashley plans to spread her passion for electing Democrats and to help grow the size of the Democratic party of Virginia.


Data Director: Sean Keckley (data@gmudems.com)

Sean Keckley is a sophomore Government and International Politics major from Katy, Texas. He was an intern for the Fall 2017 semester with the George Mason Democrats as well as a Junior Varsity member of George Mason’s debate team. He plans to spend his years at Mason dedicated to service through programs and organizations like the George Mason Democrats and is excited for the opportunity to serve his fellow Democrats.


Deputy Director of Programming: Amanda Snead

Amanda is a sophomore from Charlottesville, Virginia. She is majoring in Communications with a concentration in journalism. Amanda joined the George Mason Democrats at the beginning of last semester and helped phonebank, knock doors and text voters about the November election. She is excited to get more involved with the organization by being a part of the Deputy Board. 



Presidential Advisory Council

The Presidential Advisory Council is appointed by the current President of the George Mason Democrats and is comprised of past Presidents and upper-Executive Board members that have served for at least 3 semesters on the Executive Board.

Special Advisor to the President – Danni Gonyo (danni@gmudems.com)

Danni is a senior majoring in Public Administration & Policy with a concentration in US Government Institutions and a minor in Legal Studies, originally from Richmond, VA. She was President of the George Mason Democrats for the 2017 election cycle, and has been involved in Democratic politics since the 2012 election cycle when she founded her high school’s Young Democrats club. Danni was first elected to the George Mason Democrats Executive Board in December 2015 as Communications Director and she served as the Field Director through the 2016 election cycle. Danni has interned with the Democratic Party of Virginia, on Capitol Hill, and with the Democratic National Committee. She is spending this spring semester working as a Digital Fellow for Mothership Strategies, a progressive digital consulting firm in Washington, DC. She also serves as the Outreach Chair for the Virginia Young Democrats.

Jamie Thomas (jamie@gmudems.com)

Jamie is a Junior majoring in Conflict Analysis & Resolution with a concentration in Interpersonal Conflict and a minor in Social Work. She has been involved with the George Mason Democrats since her freshman year and went on to serve as President through the 2016 election cycle, and served as Vice President from November 2016-December 2017. Jamie interned with LuAnn Bennett for Congress in 2016. In addition to her role with the George Mason Democrats, Jamie serves as the Education Policy Head with Roosevelt @ Mason, a student-led think tank on-campus that focuses on policy writing/implementation. Jamie is spending this spring working for Fairfax County School Board member Karen Keys-Gamarra.

Joe Russell (joe@gmudems.com)

Joe is a Senior Government & International Politics major with a concentration in Philosophy, Politics, & Economics and a minor in Health & Social Policy. Joe has served as the President of the George Mason Democrats, the Finance Director of the Virginia Young Democrats, and the Treasurer of the Braddock District Democrats and has interned or volunteered on campaigns from President to School Board dating back to 2012. In 2016 he served as a Senior Field Organizer for the Clinton Campaign in Phoenix, AZ and helped make substantial Democratic gains in his home state. Joe continued his organizing work in Fall 2017 working as Delegate David Bulova’s campaign manager. Additionally, as part of Roosevelt @ Mason, Joe spearheaded the effort to create a Student Health Advisory Board at Mason and planned two Lobby Days for Roosevelt @ Mason at the Virginia General Assembly in Richmond, VA. In 2017, Joe was named a Truman Scholar by the Harry S. Truman Scholarship Foundation, which recognizes college Juniors who intend to make a substantial commitment to public service. This past summer, Joe worked as Fellow with Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe’s administration.


Andrew Millin (andrew@gmudems.com)

Andrew is a Junior Conflict Analysis & Resolution major from Norwood, MA. He began his campaign work on the Martha Coakley for Governor of MA campaign in 2014 and continued in 2015 working for Delegate David Bulova’s re-election campaign. In 2016, he worked with the George Mason Democrats for Hillary Clinton & Tim Kaine, LuAnn Bennett for Congress, and Gerry Connolly for Congress. Andrew served as Chief of Staff in the George Mason Democrats from April 2016-December 2017. His favorite campaign moments are: getting a selfie with Joe Biden and knocking doors on-campus with Miley Cyrus. In addition to his role with the George Mason Democrats, Andrew is also the Vice President of Roosevelt @ Mason and is the Mid-Atlantic Chapter Organizer for the Roosevelt Institute. This spring, Andrew is studying abroad in Budapest, Hungary.